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Save the date –
Cash for Trash St.Gallen

This year again we will be honoring the Cash for Trash Event on 14.12.2019 with our collections and look forward to your visit.

New collection –
available now

The highly limited pieces from the new winter collection are already available at TOKU Bern and our Atelier J.Grubenmann Arbon.

Swiss Silk GV, Bern

Last sunday, the GV took place on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Swiss Silk in Hinterkappelen BE. It was exciting to see how many members have joined the association since the beginning and all are enthusiastically behind this story. Namely, a product that not only gives farmers an additional income by raising the silkworms, but also to create textiles made of Swiss Silk with absolute added value. Also inspired by the history of the Swiss Silk, we created two designs for the fall/winter collection '19/'20 'Hidden Layers', which we presented at the Vancouver Fashion Week.

Vancouver Fashion Week

The 'HIDDEN LAYERS' collection was a great success and a hit with viewers at Vancouver Fashion Week. We are totally happy with the result.