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Like a light summer breeze, this collection comes along. Airy light elements shrouded in puristic cuts. Timeless classics get a new look through exciting and high-quality material blends, thus creating an arc to the expressive power of the purist designs.

Blouson ‘Fabienne II’ black
Material: 100% cotton

Blouson ‘Fabienne II’

Culotte ‘Catherine II’ silver-grey
Material: 100% bio-linen

Culotte ‘Catherine II’ 

Kleid ‘Lorena I’ black/white
Material: virgin wool, silk, lining inside

Kleid ‘Lorena I’

Jupe ‘Fabienne I’ black/white

Material: 100% cotton

Jupe ‘Fabienne I’ 

Blouson ‘Catherine I’ white
Material: silk, wool, viscose

Blouson ‘Catherine I’ 

Culotte ‘Catherine I’ black
Material: virgin wool, polyester

Culotte ‘Catherine I’ 

Blouson ‘Céline’
Material: 100% cotton

Blouson ‘Céline’